Junior Swim Team

Not sure if your child is ready to be on a full-fledged competitive swim team just yet? The Lexington Park District has created a Junior Lakers Pre-Team that may be right for you!

Our Mission:

The Lexington Junior Lakers program is a bridge between swim lessons and swim team. Our program is designed to help kids increase their strength and endurance, teach proper stroke technique, introduce swimming as a sport, and to fully prepare them to advance on to our Lakers Swim Team.

Registration: Swim Team Registration Form


The Junior Lakers will work on the four competitive strokes (with an emphasis on freestyle and backstroke). Practices will focus almost entirely on stroke instruction and take place in the small pool at the shallow end. They will be coached at different times by each member of the Lexington Lakers coaching staff and will also include introduction to swim lanes, starting blocks and the bullpen.


Junior Lakers will swim at home meets once the coach and parent both feel that the child is ready to try a swim meet. They will swim in a special exhibition heat and will receive participation ribbons for each heat they swim. Upon the coach’s approval , they will be allowed to swim in relays against other teams at home meets and will be allowed to compete in the Lexington Invitational in individual events. They will not compete at away meets or away invitationals.

What ability should my child have or age should they be?

Children should complete swim lessons before joining the Junior Lakers, or be at least 5 years of age by 6/1/15.

Does this program replace swim lessons?

NO. This program is the next step after swim lessons have been successfully completed. The Junior Lakers is meant to be a bridge that takes your child from swim lessons to the world of competitive swim!

What is an exhibition race?

An exhibition race is meant to familiarize them with the process of a swim meet: starting blocks, starting horn, event numbers, the bullpen, etc. Exhibition races do not earn points toward the team total for the meet or for your child; however, they will earn participation ribbons for the races they compete in. Exhibition races are also great opportunities to get their times on record so they have a specific goal to work towards - beating their own time!

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